3 Easy DIY Projects to Make Life Convenient

A hectic lifestyle is practically unavoidable. Between the demand of family, career, and kids, many of us struggle to balance these demands day after day. What can you do to help take away this stress? Try these 3 easy DIY projects to make your life more convenient to help you survive the constant demands.

3 DIY Projects to Make Life Convenient

Install USB Charger Outlets

Our lives are largely intertwined by our phones. It’s how we stay connected to friends and family, entertain ourselves by playing with game apps, and spend time on social media. Does it ever feel like your family is always competing for a place to charge their phones?

Try upgrading an outlet or two to USB charger outlets. You can add this to any outlet in your home in just a few minutes. Pick up the supplies to do this upgrade at any home supply store.

Add a Key less Entry Door Lock

Have you ever struggled to get in the case while carrying in your computer bag, groceries, and your child’s bookbag?

Eliminate the need to juggle your keys and all those things you need to carry in by installing a keyless entry door lock. Instead of digging for keys, simply enter your code and the door is unlocked so you can get inside easily.

Closet Organization System

A clean and organized closet is essential to getting out the door in a flash on those hectic mornings. Add some simple closet shelves, including space to store shoes and handbags, and plenty of hanging space for longer clothing items like dresses or suits.

When you add this shelving system, you’ll need to empty out the contents of your closet. However, before you place the items back into your closet, be sure to weed out items that you no longer use. Follow the keep/donate/sell/trash system to help you decide what items you should keep.

With just a small of investment of time and basic DIY skills, you can add these convenient features to your home. The time you’ll save will be worth the small investments!

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