4 Common Types of Shelving Systems

Homes and businesses require efficient shelving systems to organize and store documents. Shelving systems are used in offices, shops, hotel rooms and manufacturing facilities to display and store items. Shelving systems are available in different styles, shapes, designs, material and prices.

In case you are planning to purchase a shelving unit, it’s advisable to go for a 4-post shelving system since it provides excellent support for universal shelves. Retail shelving units can easily be integrated with various systems. This means you can customize various components to set up a shelving system that meet your requirements without spending extra cash on customized fixtures and retail shelves. 

Floating Shelving Systems

Floating shelving systems provide a good display of items. This type of systems are unique since they appear to float on walls and they are not attached to any visible nails and pins.

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Floating shelving units are made up of engineering wood and supported by internal brackets. Just like 4-post shelving unit, they can be used as standalone systems or combined with additional bracket units to form multi-unit floating systems. Floating shelving systems are available in different, shapes, colors, designs and sizes which make interior decorating fixtures. 

Self -Service Retail Shelving systems

Self-service retail shelving systems are uniquely designed to function with gravity. Their display utilizes the force of gravity to keep items in position. When a customer selects an item from this shelving unit and removes it, the item adjacent or behind it rolls to unoccupied space for the next customer to see. This is the best way of stocking merchandise since customers can reach them easily and keep the shelves clean. You will only be required to restock your shelves and nothing else.

Corner Shelving Systems

Corner shelves tend to maximize your storage and occupy less space. Corner shelving systems efficiently utilize hard and difficult accessible corners in a range of impressive styles. They are available in different materials such as laminated wood, plastic, and solid wood. Corner shelving systems can be customized to fit in any space and location. This makes them great for display and storage of valuable items.

Display Wall Shelving Systems

Display wall shelving systems can be combined with wall end displays to provide extra space for display. They not only utilize the wall space in your house but also help you to utilize your floor space efficiently. Display wall shelving units contain incorporated metal sections that are attached to walls from which droppers and shelves can be hanged on. This types of shelves are not suitable for light walls. They are portable and can be shifted to any area provided there is sufficient space. They are available in different materials, colors, sizes, and designs.

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