4 Signs You Need to Replace Your Aluminum Siding

Your home is no doubt one of your favorite places in the world and when you see that it does not look as young as it used to look, you want to get it fixed as soon as possible. If you have aluminum siding, you may think something needs to be done, but does it need to be replaced? Many people want to try to repair the aluminum siding instead of initially going for an aluminum siding replacement. If your current siding is badly damaged, you may come out with less expense if you were to get a replacement. In this article, we are going to talk about 4 signs you need to replace your aluminum siding.

While aluminum siding may be a big upgrade from wood siding from the early 1900s, it isn’t always your best bet. If you notice any of the following four problems with your current siding, you may need to replace it:

  • Fading
  • Dents
  • Scratches
  • Holes

The color of aluminum does not hold long and you may notice it starts to fade sooner than you would like. After exposure to the elements it will also start to turn chalky and look even worse pairing the fading and the loss of color.

If you only need to replace one part of your siding, you are going to have a difficult time finding a color that is going to match your current siding because of the fading. If you do replace some of your siding, it is going to stick out like a sore thumb since it is going to look fresh and new while everything else is fading.

In addition to fading, aluminum siding can also get dents, scratches and it isn’t unlikely for it to experience holes if it is hit with a sharp object. You aren’t going to be insulated as well with aluminum siding as you might with another type of siding like vinyl. You also are going to be able to hear everything from outside since it is not great at blocking out the noise.

If you start to notice that your siding has tear, scratches, dents or it has faded badly, you may need to replace your siding sooner than later. If you plan on selling your home, you are going to have to update it before putting it on the market.

Painting Aluminum Siding VS Replacing with Vinyl Siding

You might be considering painting your aluminum siding so you do not have to replace it. Depending on how bad your siding situation is, you may be able to get by with a coat of paint for now. While this isn’t going to be a long term solution, it could give you a few more years without having to go undergo the large undertaking of re-siding the whole house.

While you do have the option of repairing your current siding, you may not get the results that you want and if you have to repaint your entire house, you could simply put the money you are spending on painting and put it toward new vinyl siding.

Vinyl siding has been proven to be one of the most popular options for home remodels as well as new construction homes, and there are multiple reasons that people are choosing vinyl over aluminum.

Since everyone has busy lives and isn’t always able to keep up with their house as often as they would like, vinyl is a low maintenance solution that only needs to be washed with a  water hose and inspected every once in a while. Since it doesn’t need repainting, it will cost less money. While in the past, vinyl siding might have been a little weaker, it is now built in a way that is able to withstand years of weathering. It won’t dent immediately in most cases and you won’t catch the color fading from being out in the elements.

There are plenty of vinyl siding makers that give you foam-backed insulation which gives your home better insulation so it is more energy efficient and in the end it saves you money because of lower electricity bills. You may also notice it is quieter after your new installation which means if you are a light sleeper, you are going to get better rest because of the change in siding.

Your Home Is Your Castle

As you are making your decision about whether you should keep your aluminum siding or go for another option, remember that this is where you spend a great deal of your time. Putting in the money and effort to make sure it is properly taken care of and looking its best is important. You can also speak to a real estate agent and ask them what they would recommend for your home.

While you may not plan on selling your home at this point, there may be a time when you are going to sell your home and want to get as much value out of your home as you can. One of the things people are going to look at is the siding. Spending the extra money to make it look great now will keep you from having to redo the project when you decide to move. Plus, you get to live in the home while it looks amazing. Everyone comes out a winner.

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