5 Benefits Of Choosing Offshore Rig Career

The first thing that pops up in our minds when we think of offshore oil rig is thundering machinery that makes an awful noise and people dripping in oil.

Nowadays, due to technology advancement, you can find modern oilrigs that feature automated operation, but you have to control remotely and monitor it by using advanced computers.

It doesn’t matter if you want to work with the dashboard or a wrench, because skillful employees are an important part of oilrigs.

By choosing this career, you will opt for high salary with the possibility of raise, a luxuryaccommodation made by offshore living quarters manufacturers, and ability to travel the world and work abroad.

Even though it can be mentally and physically draining and demanding, if you are a young, hard-working and energetic individual that wants to embark on the adventure, you are the best candidate for offshore rig job.

You should have in mind that offshore rig employees have long working hours and have to do hard labor, but numerous benefits will give you a reason to choose this particular job for your present and future.

We decided to present you benefits of choosing offshore rig career:

  1. You Will Have More Free Time

Yes, you’re probably wondering, how’s even possible to have more free time when you’re isolated in a middle of nowhere. However, most companies that employ offshore rig workers have 14/14 or 14/21 day program.

It means that you will work on rig for two weeks, and then you can go home for next two or three weeks.

The main reasons for this are because offshore rig drilling work is quite challenging and demanding, and this particular system allows personnel to take time off, to relax, to recharge batteries with family and to return fresh and ready for new adventure.

  1. High Salary

Most people choose the type of job-based on the amount of salary and possibility to improve. Even children in school decide which college and university they’ll attend based on career prospects they’ll have in the future.

The same thing goes with offshore rig career, but with possibilities that are more significant. The roughest manual laborers make between $200 and $400 on a daily basis. If you have a degree in Chemistry or if you’re petroleum or chemical engineer, your pay can easily become more than $100K on an annual basis.

In most cases, people who work on oilrigs make between $40K and $200K on a yearly basis, with the possibility to get raise, bonuses and other additions and incentives based on where and when you work.

  1. Comes With Other Benefits Too

You should have in mind that oil rig jobs are demanding, risky and dangerous, which means that most companies will offer you high-quality dental, health, life, vision and other forms of insurance.

These additions will give you a boost and help you stay in perfect working condition, and if you have a family, you will be able to give them insurance too, which is an amazing thing that you won’t get on other work opportunities.

Offshore rigs are in different parts of the world, which means that you will get free flights and transportations so that you can go home and return to work afterward.

If you want to learn more on which certificates and training you have to pass to become eligible for working on oilrigs, we recommend you to click here.

  1. Luxury Accommodation

Most people think that accommodation on oilrigsis bunks with beds and nothing else. The reality is completely differentbecause modern rigs will provide you the same service as any five-star hotel.

You will also get unlimited food and possibility to deal with laundry and cleaning services, which is great because you don’t have to pay anything from your salary.

  1. It Will Give You Adventurous Spirit

Offshore jobs are great for people who have adventurous spirits with the idea to travel around to world, to see things and to enjoy an exotic location in the middle of the ocean.

Some people cannot cope with all these adventures, especially on an isolated area such as an offshore rig, but if you want to enjoy in the public-free environment and restart mentally, this is a great way to earn and enjoy at the same time.

The main idea is that you will get the opportunity to enjoy in a high salary, luxury accommodationandthe possibility to improve your career.

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