Acquaint Yourself with the Popular Types Of Chandeliers

What is a chandelier?

A chandelier is typically a décor component—a branched, ornate lighting component of décor that has a capability to hold a plethora of candles or bulbs. It is eventually hung on a ceiling. Gone are the days when chandeliers used to hold candles, now the issue has raised concern about the fire safety, hence bulbs are used these days. The kind of chandelier you select will be entirely dependent on the decorating theme of your room, the scale of your room, and lastly, the electrical outlets available.


Chandeliers also have aliases like a branched candleholder (archaic), or electric-light holder (modern usage). The chandeliers which supported candles were formed of wood or iron. Their shape was put in use in Anglo-Saxon churches before the Norman Conquest took place in 1066.

Chandeliers made of brass were formulated in the late European Middle Ages. They were mostly used for churches. Then later, the Netherlands became renowned for these types of chandeliers in the 18th century. They had a boldly-molded baluster stem, closing in a huge, polished, mirroring sphere—and from the stem a protruding ‘S-shaped’ branches terminating in sockets.

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Now the times are changing, and so are the types of chandeliers.

Here are some of its popular types:

  • Crystal Chandeliers

If you wish to opt for elegant style, a shimmering crystal chandelier is the best choice. The shimmering crystals adds gold to the grace and elegance of your room.

  • Glass Chandeliers

If you wish to opt for a casual look, choose a glass chandelier. It creates an impact by designing focus that would add to the modern and breezy vibe as you want it to look like.

  • Tiffany Chandeliers

Tiffany chandeliers showcase an early 20th century Art Nouveau fashion with its stained glass fixtures. To have a look at the range of Tiffany chandeliers, visit now.

  • Candle Chandeliers

As derived from French, the word ‘chandelier’ actually means ‘candleholder’. It is one of the most traditional designs of a chandelier.

  • Drum Chandeliers

These types of chandeliers are well known for their extraordinary shape. They showcase a special look with an elegant combination of branches and a cylindrical shade which is commonly made of fabric.

  • Neoclassical Chandeliers

If you wish to opt for the most adorned style, neoclassical chandeliers are perhaps the best choice for your room. It is renowned for its notable and intricate designs.

  • Industrial Chandeliers

Perhaps the most underrated and rare masterpieces in the market are industrial chandeliers. These chic showpieces comprise of audacious geometric designs, exposed bulbs, and durably constructed metal.

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