An Intro to Composite Decking

Decking composite is a relatively new flooring material in which homeowners across the UK, and the world, are choosing every single day. Composite decking has revolutionised the flooring industry and has given outdoor decking a whole new lease of life. Due to the sudden increase in popularity, it is no wonder that so many people are currently looking for more information, and today we are here to help. Anyone looking to learn more about composite decking should read this article at their peril to find information regarding composite decking appearance, variety, cost, maintenance, installation and environmental impact.

Appearance – Composite decking was slightly ‘fake’ looking when it first hit the market however since then it has come a long way. Composite decking is now made to look exactly like traditional wooden decking and holds that ability to fool almost everyone. Composite decking is available in a whole range of colours and textures and can be made to look just like all types of wood. Of course people are expected to pay slightly more for the highest quality composite decking, however the cost is definitely worth it.

Variety – Composite decking is available in many different options especially when purchased from leading company DesignBoard. DesignBoard composite decking is not only available in a great range of stock colours but can also be made in any custom colour enabling for people to boast bespoke garden decking in their gardens.

Cost – Composite decking isn’t cheap, but nothing that is great quality is. The good thing about composite decking is that although it does cost initially it can overtime pay for itself. Composite decking is long lasting and can serve people for years providing that it is looked after and cared for correctly. Another reason why the composite decking is worth the cost is because when a board gets damaged the singular board can be replaced enabling homeowners to save more money.

Installation – Composite decking is really easy to install and doesn’t usually require professional assistance – It usually boasts a clip fastening system which can be completely by almost all. Composite decking installation can allow for people to save money as they don’t have to pay for any labour.

Maintenance – Composite decking is incredibly easy to clean and care for requiring only the occasional wash with water to stay looking great. When composite decking gets stained however people should work to get the stains off as soon as possible using either water and a stiff brush, or bleach/strong detergent where needed. Make sure bleach isn’t left on composite decking though, if bleach is used to eliminate stains it has to be thoroughly washed away.

This is only some of the information about composite decking too! If it is a flooring choice that you are considering then we recommend that you visit your local suppliers and check it out, we are sure that you will be blown away. With so many composite decking options out there, there is bound to be one perfect for you.

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