Beautify Your Office Environment With Interior Sliding Doors

Are you tired of bland meeting rooms? Do you feel like you’re failing to make the most of your floorplan space? Would you like clients to get a clear view of your entire office as they approach your front door? Give your office a nice face-lift by investing in interior sliding doors.

SpacePlus offers you a variety of choices to transform your office layout. Our specialists bring years of experience building solutions that maximize the benefits of your space. They provide innovative layouts that suit the uniqueness of your project.

We’re invested from beginning to end since we own every aspect of what we provide. There’s no outsourcing; we build each solution ourselves to ensure the highest quality you’ll find anywhere.

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What Can You Do With Interior Sliding Solutions?

Instead of going off in a cramped room for meetings, you could slide a glass divider closed and create a room on the fly. Just open it up again when it’s time for a more casual collaboration. Help your workers feel less closed in by building clear cubicles adjustable to their own preferences.

Physicians can make the most of a small space by building rooms that perform multiple functions by closing interior sliding doors. Let patients and workers have privacy when they need it.

Does Every Section Need To Look The Same?

The only common denominator needs to be the superiority of our products. You choose how you want each section of your office to look. Build one section out of suspended clear glass doors and another with opaque glass with a trim. We also offer the security of a master key system.

Here’s a preview of the choices we provide:

Customized Aluminum Frames – Choose frames with solid finishes in silver, white, black, or grey. Or go with one of our wood finishes for a different feel. Pick from one of our many design options or come up with your own.

Tempered Glass Panels – We use glass that’s 100% recyclable. Standard thickness is 5mm, with a 7mm option available. Choose from clear, smoked, milky, frosted, or linen glass. Or combine textures for a truly unique appearance.

ADA-complaint Tracks – Choose how you want the tracks laid out in your space. Choose as many as you need, or go with our suspended system and eliminate tracks altogether.

Your options are limitless. If we don’t have an interior sliding door solution that suits your need, we’ll build you the one you want.

Let SpacePlus Modernize Your Office

Come check out one of our showrooms if you live nearby. You can also reach us on our website to get started on your office renovation.

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