Choosing The Right Moving Company For You

Moving can be a very hectic and stressful period of one’s life. Hiring the proper moving services can make the leap to a new home a little bit less stressful. Here are a couple of tips to help you choose the best moving services. Verify Credentials Before your hire a moving company; it’s a good idea to verify said company is licensed and insured. All professional moving companies should have a license issued by the Department of Transportation (DOT). This number can usually be found on the company’s website. Using this DOT number, enter it into the DOT’s database; this allows you to see the company’s complaint history.

Be sure to check if the company has insurance as well.

Consider using a company certified by the American Moving & Storage Association’s ProMover program. The ProMover program requires a background check and requires all movers to adhere to its guidelines.

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Reputation, reputation, reputation

If you thoroughly check the reviews to a restaurant, considering you will spend maybe 1 to 2 hours of your time there, why not put even more effort looking at reviews for a company that will be inside your home, handling your personal belongings? Websites like have an extended database of moving company reviews.

Are they involved in the community? If they care about the community, then there is a good chance they will care about your family and your move. Ask your neighbours, friends, or co-workers who they would recommend. Companies with a good reputation will be known for it.

If you received poor service from a moving company, file a complaint to the Better Business Bureau(BBB). Companies with a bad reputation will be known for it.

What are their rates?

No, what are their real rates! Some companies will give an estimate so low that it may be too hard to believe is true. If that’s the case, beware. That moving company may not be giving you the complete story. Are the fuel charges included? Will there be any extra add-ons they may not have put on the estimate?

The most prominent type of estimate for interstate moving is the “non-binding estimate”. This estimate is based off the weight of your items plus the labour. We suggest getting a non-binding not-to-exceed estimate. This means you will not pay more than the original estimate given to you.

Experience, professionalism, experience

It is much easier to trust a company that has been resolving problems for 30 years as opposed to one that has only done it for 2. Moving companies that are experienced are more likely to properly transport your items in a place like, a high-rise building for example. Professionalism is also something to look for. Did they show up on time for the inspection? Are they equipped with business cards and a straightforward, easy-to-use website?

Ask about subcontractors

Be sure to ask the moving company if it will be them doing the move. Some companies will use a third party subcontractor for the move. These subcontractors are not under direct employ of the main company, which means they may not be follow the same standards as the original company you hired. If you’re okay with subcontractors doing the job, make to ask if they have insurance.

Choosing the right moving services company will be one of the most important steps you can take when moving. When all the furniture has been put down and everything taken out of their cardboard boxes; all that will be left to do is to start making new memories!

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