Clearabee Wins the Co-op On-Demand Rubbish Removal Contract

Clearabee has made many great strides in the past few years. It was recently awarded the multi-million pound ‘reactive waste’ removal contract by the Co-op Group. The contract will run for three years, and as part of the deal, Clearabee will handle all of the company’s unplanned waste removal requirements. This is the biggest deal Clearabee has won to date as it will be covering the company’s 2500 retail stores and 1000 funeral homes.

According to Daniel Long, the founder and managing director of the rubbish removal service, this deal shows how much they are capable of servicing large chains nationwide. Currently, the company has a team of 250 people and a fleet of 100 vehicles that are well distributed across the country. This is part of what enabled them to earn the coveted contract. The senior contract manager at Co-op Group noted that they prefer to work with innovative, highly dynamic, and well-known brands. The contract manager also commented on the high responsivity of the Clearabee team. The contract involves on-demand waste removal, and that is why the Co-op Group needed a team that can respond fast to urgent rubbish removal needs.

Waste from Co-op Group

Clearabee will be responsible for all unexpected waste found in any of the retail stores and funeral homes owned by the Co-op Group. This includes any food that spoils or any contaminated elements. As noted, the company’s stores are located all around the UK, and that means the rubbish removal agency has to be as dynamic and responsive as possible. It is anticipated that they will be involved in more than 5,000 rubbish collections every year, just from this contract.

To show its confidence in such tasks, the waste removal service describes itself as the country’s largest on-demand waste removal service that solely depends on an in-house team. They do not subcontract as that is likely to affect the quality of their service, and that would, in turn, ruin their perfect reputation. They are based in Birmingham and were only founded in 2012. The firm has since grown to become one of the largest and most reliable waste removal services in all of the UK.

This contract is one of the firm’s two biggest achievements in 2018. The other notable achievement was being ranked at number 70 in the FT1000. This ranking is done by the Financial Times, and it shows how much the company has grown in just a short while. Between 2013 and 2016, the firm achieved a sales growth of 1578% and created 119 jobs. It was also noted to be the 17th fastest growing company in the UK, and this put it right beside other giants like Carwow. Outside of London, this is the fourth fastest growing company in the country. It is no wonder then that they are being awarded tenders by notable companies like the Co-op Group.

What Clearabee Does

Clearabee is an on-demand rubbish removal service that relies on its own in-house team. The company offers a bee bag service, a man and van service, and a bags and sacks service. For the bee bag service, you can make your skip bag order, and it will be shipped out on the same day. The man and van service is suitable for small amounts of waste. You can see their prices for these services on their website. The company will also handle all the loading of your waste, and this is included in their quotations. The only exception is if the rubbish is stored very far from accessible roads. In such cases, the loading will attract a labour fee.

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