Cost-effective Vinyl Siding Replacement Services in Utah

Are you in need of a cost-effective home makeover? With so many siding options available, the material to be used is perhaps one of the hardest decisions a homeowner has to make. You need a siding option that in addition to being cost-effective will protect your investment from the elements. Vinyl presents an ideal siding solution thanks to its elegance and durability.

Here are other reasons why you should consider Vinyl siding; 

Vinyl’s diversity offers immense beauty

There is a wide range of vinyl siding options in the market today in terms of colors, texture, and architectural trims. Vinyl is designed to accentuate your home’s architectural style, so you do not have to compromise on its beauty when trying to enhance its curb appeal. Technological advancements have led to the creation of vinyl that mimics other siding options such as wood, slate, and stone, along with improved color retention properties.  

Maintenance Ease

Unlike other siding options that require regular maintenance, vinyl siding only requires cleaning with mild soap and water as and when it gets dirty. Also, it is resistant to insects and will not rot as it does not absorb water.

It is eco-friendly, and energy efficient

By choosing the vinyl siding option, you are reducing your carbon footprint as you won’t have to paint and caulk. Such processes end up releasing toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. When you choose a Salt Lake City Utah siding company that is Energy Star Certified and offers vinyl siding services, you will be saving on your heating and cooling costs due to the vinyl’s thermal bridging feature. This results in heat being retained during the winter, and a cool home during the summer.

Vinyl is easy to install

Vinyl can easily be installed over building materials such as wood, stone, and concrete. Due to the installation ease, the labor costs are significantly less compared to other siding materials. 


Vinyl can withstand such things as extreme temperatures, high winds, and moisture, which makes it extremely durable. There are a variety of vinyl finishes such as scratch-resistant and fade-resistant finishes. These are meant to retain the original appearance of your siding for years to come. 

Vinyl is a proven payback

Should you decide to resell your home, you can be assured of 100% return on your investment once you install a vinyl siding.


Compared to the other siding options, vinyl is the most affordable. Installing energy-efficient items in your home qualifies you for energy tax credits. This makes vinyl the most economical siding option.

At Advanced Window Products we are your ideal siding partner in Salt Lake Utah. Feel free to visit our showroom to explore our solutions or call us at 801-438-3515 to book an appointment. We visit your home and advise you on the perfect siding solutions for your living space. 

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