Crowdfunding for restoring architecture/art

Archipreneurs, as they are called –  those who are architectural entrepreneurs, have always struggled with finances and funding related problems when it comes to new projects. When the need to find creative ways to raise money came about, they discovered the world of crowdfunding India, and how Indians were adapting so well, to this new method of web based fundraising. In fact, it is proving to be an ideal way to push restoration projects forward. Given India’s richness with architectural sites, a crowdfunding model is exactly what is needed to move passed the bureaucracy of getting government funding for a restorative project.

To give you an interesting example of the potential of crowdfunding India in support of architectural initiatives, a former French Colony in Chandernagore, whose Registry Building was in ruins, will finally be restored. How? Bonjour India launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money that would be used for the restoration project. Through their crowdfunding India campaign, they made an appeal to the people on the internet, speaking about their intentions and ideas to restore the building. In doing so, they were able to reach out to people who shared a similar vision, and were able to make small or big monetary contributions to facilitate the project. With the donations they collected through their online fundraising campaign, they will now be able to afford resources, building material, and labour, to restore the building to its original glory.

Besides offering huge opportunities to established as well as aspiring architects in India, it is also opening many doors for budding artists in the country who are taking to crowdfunding as a sustainable way to bring their artistic dreams to life. As a result of the growing possibilities for artists, Indians are becoming more open to art, and are in fact consuming it at a rampant rate. The number of art festivals hosted by different cities in our country are proof of it. Art in various forms, be it painting, sculpting, theatre, dance, photography, etc, all have incredible potential to grow along with a growing crowdfunding India. No longer do aspiring artists have to spend years worth of savings on their creative projects. By encouraging them to crowdfunding their creative initiatives, we can bring financial stability in their lives, while yet still having the opportunity to pursue dreams.

If there one thing that any artist or architect would agree with, it’s that taking the first step is the hardest part. At Impact Guru, we welcome all creative projects, and are happy to provide a platform that will enable creators to raise money for their endeavours. So if you’re someone dreaming of a successful career in art or architecture, raise money on Impact Guru today, and bring your creative dreams to life.

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