Different Types of Window Screens You Can Use

It is a fact that whenever the weather starts getting nice, you can start keeping your window open and get sweet and fresh air in your home, the bugs also start getting out, guess for enjoying the weather. But those insects start getting inside the house through those open windows.

Window screens had a century-old history when they screens were used from the weaved hair of horses to save them from insects. Today, you have a choice of pick up from different kinds of screens, from retractable to even many other types.

Let’s look at different types of window screens you can use for your windows:

  • Aluminum screen: Aluminum is one of the most common materials used as window screens. Aluminum is a bit costlier than other materials, but the plus point is that they will never rust. Aluminum is light and practical.
  • Galvanized steel window screens:Since the 1920s, after modification of textile looms, people started using galvanized steel for window screens. It was the best materials for decades to be used as window screens. The main problem with it was that after some years the steel wires would catch rust and so people started using non-rusting materials.
  • Vinyl Coated Fiberglass: Vinyl coated fiberglass are inexpensive, non-corrode, and are rust and stain free. The risk is that they can get stretched and torn quickly compared to most of the other screens. They can come in different colors,and also solar screens and sunscreensare made from Vinyl coated fiber-glass.
  • Screen Materials made of Bronze, Stainless-steel, Brass and Copper: These materials are luxury materials for window screens. Screens made from 90 percent of copper and 10 percent of zinc are expensive compared to aluminum, but they are also durable and look unique. With even a higher rate you can buy brass, stainless steel or copper made window screen materials. Brass is the most expensive, followed by copper, followed by copper and stainless steel, whereas bronze in compare to them is the least expensive material.
  • Other Screen Materials: You will find window screens in various other forms too. Some are made with pet-resistant fabric,and they will resist pets, tears and scratches. They also have good longevity. You can also use the protective screen to block heat and light; they are solar screens. If your house is facing east or west, you are going to get benefit out of them.

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