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A Little Bit OF TLC Will Keep Your Antique Fireplace Looking Good for Many Years to Come

An antique fireplace brings an air of grandeur to the humblest of rooms, and if you’re lucky enough to have one in your home give it the love and attention it deserves. After all, it’s already survived many years and such a history requires a little extra care. Antique fireplaces come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are made of a range of different materials. Each one of which requires a certain method of cleaning. Marble, stone and metal fireplaces can be kept in tip top condition with gentle cleaning procedures. Victorian, Georgian, Louis, Regency and Edwardian fireplaces London has them all.

Antique Marble Fireplaces

Marble is a porous rock and can easily become stained or discoloured if not taken care of. Liquids, oils and wax will be drawn into the stone resulting in rings, rusty marks or discolouration. The best way to restore its natural beauty is to start with a gentle clean using a soft micro-fibre cloth, and very little else. No vinegar, baking soda, solvent sprays or gritty cream cleansers. After an initial dry dusting you can start to use clean water, making sure you dry immediately and apply a marble polish to finish. Hand-washing soap flakes can be used for stubborn stains. If this doesn’t remove the problem the next step is to call a professional cleaning company, as they will be experienced and provide the right cleaning treatment.

Stone Fireplaces

Regular dusting will keep on top of most kinds of dirt and keep stone antique fireplaces London in good condition. Every now and again a little deeper cleaning is recommended using a mild liquid detergent and a soft brush. First wet the stone and scrub to remove smoke and soot marks. Clean water can be used to rinse the surface. Excess water should be wiped away and then the fireplace left to dry naturally over the course of a couple of days. Various types of preparation are available for more stubborn stains. Read the instruction carefully and try a small spot out of sight first.

Antique Fireplace Made From Metal

Never clean your metal fireplace with water as this will just encourage rust. If rust is already a problem, then this can be cleaned with a stiff wire brush and then the surface re-blackened using an appropriate product.

General Cleaning tips for Your Fireplace

  • Only clean your fireplace when it is completely cold
  • Wear gloves and protective goggles to protect yourself from dust and debris
  • Cover the surrounding area
  • Remove any ashes from the hearth
  • Remove surface dust using a soft cloth
  • Cleaning the flue and chimney should be left to the experts

Whether you’ve got Victorian or Edwardian fireplaces London has a number of different cleaning companies that can help for deep cleaning your fireplaces. However, the basic cleaning methods can be simply done with just a soft cloth and water.

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