Enjoy convenient luxury at the 14th Street apartments DC  

The unique feeling that comes over you from being in Washington DC is remarkable and unmistakably beautiful. There is so much to love and enjoy about this beautiful city, a capital unlike any other Capital City in the country or the world. The people are professional and motivated, the atmosphere is stimulating and electric, and the history is rich and envelopes your imagination with every fact you absorb. It is truly a special place to visit.

To live and work there, and call it home, now that is simply an invigorating feeling. If you do stay in this beautiful metropolis, and you have the choice, the only way to live there is in true luxury. If that is what you look for in your heart of hearts when in search of the place you will call your home, and comfort is an absolute necessity. The answers you are looking for can be found at the 14th Street apartments DC.

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These apartments are not only radiating with class, but also has all the elements of affordable luxury cemented into their very foundation. These newly constructed and modernly built apartments are smack in the middle of everything, perfect for those that enjoy convenient living. There is a coffee shop next door for you to enjoy pastries along with a freshly brewed cup, and some good atmosphere. Closeby there is a Whole Foods Market, as well as a Trader Joe’s. Logan Tavern is also a short stroll away for you to sit down and enjoy a tasty meal, along with a few other five star restaurants that cater to a wide range of pallets. For those with a sweet tooth, Tango Gelato Company will soothe your sugar cravings with delicious creamy treats.

If you need a little help, the ever-ready concierge service desk located within the 14th Street apartments DC, for use by all its residents, will point you in the direction of whatever you seek. From fun, to food, to some fantastic frolicking while surrounded by artistic and cultural buzzing.

Located only a block away from Logan Circle, when you become a resident of 14th Street apartments DC you will have the chance to immerse yourself deep into one of the most eclectic and vibrant neighborhoods in the city. There are a wide range of stunning apartment options available to fit any taste, style and spatial requirements. You will find studios, as well as one and two-bedroom floor plans outfitted with granite countertop kitchens, insulated glass room windows, bathrooms seemingly made for royalty with custom Beachwood vanities, along with a host of other amenities. 14th Street apartments DC will have you breathing easy in comfort and always lounging in style.

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