Finding the Right Home Design Help

Finding home design help can free up valuable time and energy. Learn the difference between an interior designer, decorator or consultant for the right fit.

As more homeowners choose to update their homes rather than buying new, the need for finding home design help has grown proportionately. Home design professionals are well worth the investment but finding the right home design help by knowing the differences between an interior designer or decorator, architect or contractor, and home centre consultant will help you identify the perfect home design expert for your specific project.

Hiring a Home Centre Consultant

The home centre consultant is most often found at a home improvement store, furniture show room or other related home product store, such as The Bed Market. Their services are often free if you choose to purchase home project supplies from their store. They are qualified to answer a wide variety of design and decorating questions specific to their assigned department

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A home centre consultant may have a professional interior design license but at the minimum will have completed various retail design workshops.

Most offer some level of a computer design service to help identify and configure the look you want through this software. These computer programs will draw floor plans to the scale of any room, manipulate colour, add cabinets, flooring, fixtures, etc. This provides the client with an idea of the finished result before he/she commits to the costs associated with purchase and installation.

Choosing a consultant can be hit or miss in respect to the design skill they bring to the table, but the service they provide is a great value if you are planning to do the project yourself and are happy to purchase through their representative stores.

Selecting an Interior Designer

The title of “interior designer” is used for a professional in the field who has completed a 2 to 4 year degree in interior design and has passed a comprehensive licensing exam. An interior designer will help you plan a budget and lay out floor plans by considering function of the room, space, design trends, and the family’s needs.

When bringing your own design ideas to the table, an interior designer will be able to spot areas that may need adjustment. They can also improve function by spotting areas that may be falling short when it comes to making the best use of the available space.

Most have the resources to find and purchase speciality furnishings at better prices than retail. Fees range from hourly, one-time fee or cost plus mark-up percentage based on what is purchased through their service.

Hiring an interior designer is a good choice if you want a newly designed look and are more interested in the result rather than the process.

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