Great Options for the AC Service Now Within Budget

It is necessary to maintain an air conditioner to ensure its proper functioning as well as its performance. A dusty device cannot be 100% of its capacity, hence the need to clean it regularly. In addition, regular maintenance ensures the life of the unit.

How to maintain an air conditioner?

The golden rule before servicing a device is to unplug it. When cleaning an air conditioner, do not use solvents. If you have stopped operating the air conditioner during the winter period, do not restart it immediately in the spring, first of all to clean it. Here are the steps to maintain an air conditioner:

  • Remove the filters, remove the dust with a vacuum cleanerand then clean them with a cloth and soapy water. Wipe with a cloth and allow to air dry completely before putting them back in place.
  • Replace the air filters if they are in poor condition. Activated carbon filters must be replaced once a year.

Filter cleaning should be done every 15 days during the air conditioner’s operating period.

How to clean the inside of the air conditioner?

  • Start by cleaning the body of the appliance as well as the air outlets with a slightly damp cloth.
  • Dry by wiping with a dry cloth.
  • Use a special air conditioner product if this is not enough to remove dirt.

The use of air conditioning is becoming more widespread, the temperature rises sharply in summer and an air conditioner is not a refusal for the interior of the house. In winter, it is also possible that it heats you if it is reversible. So we use it a lot and take really care of it? And out of season, do you take care? With the ac service company you will be able to have the best option now.

The interview: effective action

You must take precautions to preserve it as long as possible over time. Equipment that you leave out of season will make you spend a lot of money to fix it. To avoid all this, it is not difficult to think of him and his filters and clean a little. The interview is really easy to do.

On the one hand, you will save money by avoiding unnecessary repairs and, on the other hand, you will increase its life. Follow the instructions. The supplied manual tells you how to maintain your device.

How to maintain a filter?

It’s the least expensive replacement if you have to change it completely. But be aware that you should clean it once or twice a year, it is not very restrictive.

The compressor

It must be free of dust and dirt, take a garden hose and remove dust if there is any.

Coils and air intakes

They must be checked once a year only. It is not binding either. You can clean them by putting water only with pressure but be careful that the unit is not turned off before. Also check that there is a protection under the air intake duct (water should not come out of here!).

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