How Secure are Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl windows have become significantly favored for their energy efficiency capabilities as well as their beauty aesthetics compared to conventional wooden framed windows. However, the use of Vinyl windows has proved to raise concerns over security issues. A burglar proof window adds a piece of mind for every homeowner especially in rooms that in locations with easy access to intruders. Though modern vinyl window offers better security than the wood-framed window, they are not burglarproof. We at Energy Shield Window & Door Company have identified particular issues regarding window vulnerability and botched locking systems that may affect the security of our home. Nevertheless, no need to worry because we offers solutions as well visit our website for more information.

Use key latches, anti-burglar broomsticks, or window security bar

The first line of defense against burglary or house invasion through Vinyl windows are locked. Sash latches are the most commonly used locks for vinyl windows as they are designed to keep sliding or double hung Vinyl windows shut. However, the basic sash latch bought at the supermarket can be whacked from the outside. For the best results in keeping your Vinyl windows completely locked, we at Energy Shield Window & Door Company recommend the use of key sash latches. The best product in the market today is the Prime-Line F 2646 sash lock. This lock is versatile and can be easily fitted on aluminum and Vinyl frame windows.

Our years of service has exposed us to other ways or gadgets that aid in keeping sliding or double hung windows shut. One of these gadgets is the anti-burglar broomsticks also called the window security bar. The gadget takes up the simple principle of putting a stick between the window and its frame. The device is as simple as they come; however, it offers efficient protection from an intruder sliding open a Vinyl window. Currently, the most preferred window security bar in the market is the Widget Maxi Twist Window Security Bar. This device is made of a special polymer that can take up to 450 pounds of force thus guaranteeing security. Additionally, the device is screwed to the frame and not compressed thus reducing any mechanical malfunction.

Install double or triple paned windows

Older wooden framed windows come with a single plane glass that does not offer much protection against home invaders. We at Energy Shield Window & Door Company understand that the window is the most vulnerable access point from the outside perils; subsequently, windows with thin glass allows easy entrance for potential threats. Vinyl window comes with the option of having double and triple planed glass windows that guarantee higher safety.

Use security film

A security film is a thick but clear film that adheres to the glass plane on the outside. Security films work through a similar premise as wired glass as it aids making the glass shatterproof in case an intruder tries to break the glass plane from outside thus hindering any burglary process.

The use of an alarm

With the proliferation of smart home technology, finding a motion detector or a ‘tripwire’ alarm is a good way to ensure your home protection. These alarms are connected to the internet and send details of any disturbance to the phone immediately it happens.

Energy Shield Window & Door Company understands the vulnerabilities of home invasion through the windows particularly Vinyl windows. The above recommendation guarantees your personal safety as well as that of your property. The gadgets are easy to access and install thus making it easy for you to have a ‘hands-on’ approach to your security.

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