How to Tell If You Need Garage Door Repair

Think you need professional garage door repair services? Read this blog post to see if your hunch is right. You’ll find out the most common signs of garage door damage and if you should replace or repair your garage door.

Signs That You Need Garage Door Repair

  1. Your garage door makes loud noises when you open or close it. – Your garage door should be virtually silent when you operate it.
  2. Your garage door opens and shuts very slowly. – While your garage door shouldn’t rapidly open and shut, it should neither take a long time to open and shut.
  3. Your garage door only partially opens or closes. – Your garage should fully open and shut every time you use it. If it doesn’t, then it’s not safe.
  4. Your garage door is sagging in some areas. – This is a sign that your garage door is getting old.
  5. Your garage door is misaligned. – Your garage door should always be perfectly level.
  6. Your garage door doesn’t respond quickly to your garage door opener. – Your garage should immediately respond to your garage door opener. As soon as you press open on your remote, your garage should start moving.
  7. Your garage door is off the tracks. – This is a very serious safety issue. Call your garage door repairman and do not attempt to operate it.

How to Tell if You Should Get Repair or Replace Your Garage Door

  1. If your garage door is older that 30 years old you should replace it.
  2. If the repair costs more than the price of a new garage door you are better off replacing it.
  3. If your garage door has suffered a lot of structural damage you need to replace it for safety reasons.

As you can see the level of damage to your garage door and  the age of your garage door plays a big part in the decision to repair or replace it. Always consult with your garage door repairman when making a choice like this and get a quote for several garage door makes and models.  

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