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Let’s be honest, most busy Londoners don’t need the hassle of organising rubbish removal. On a list of priorities, it’s pretty much at the bottom. That’s why professional rubbish removal in London can help, taking the stress off you – as well as taking away your rubbish! Check out these tips and advice on recycling and waste reduction so you can concentrate on the important stuff.

Get organised                  

Set up a place you can recycle – nothing fancy, just a bin or large box. Here’s a short list of recyclable items – it’s more than just those glass bottles and cardboard.

  • Metals – tin foil and aerosols are just as recyclable as tins and cans.
  • Paper – newspapers, greetings cards, loo roll tubes and that growing phone book collection!
  • Plastic unlimited – just about everything, plus empty containers of mouthwash, condiments and beauty products.

Head the dreaded junk mail off at the pass with a niftily placed carrier bag or box nearby. Rubbish removal in London doesn’t have to be complicated!

Think ahead

With so much avoidable waste, forward planning can make a difference to households and the planet. Ideas include using refillable products like coffee and detergents – you can save money, too. Similarly, there are plenty of reusable products on the market – recharge those batteries by investing in a decent recharger. Opt for products with less packaging – items are usually cheaper, as you’re paying for the fancy wrappings. Consider buying gifts and other products that have recyclable containers and paper.

Be food wise

You can reduce packaging waste and household costs by planning the week’s meals, and batch cook for freezing. It saves on time and offers convenience when you’re hungry after a long day at work. The secret is to get into a routine of shopping differently, and you’ll soon see the positive results.

Call in the pros

Professionals like Junk London have bags of experience – pardon the pun – in the collection, processing and responsible disposal of rubbish removal in London. Whether there’s junk to be removed at home or work, they can provide the same day collection. No need to organise complicated disposal schedules with the easy van-plus-man service. Experts like Junk London do the heavy work, removing rubbish waste from just about anywhere outdoors and indoors, always adhering to safety practices. If you’ve got old office equipment, the pros can remove and dispose of most items, including computers, copiers, prehistoric fax machines and office furnishings. When you’re ready to part from your stuff, the experts are on their way. Say goodbye to anything from sofas to TVs and cookers, not forgetting:

  • That grand piano you don’t play anymore.
  • Beds, mattresses, linens.
  • Specialist removals – fridges/freezers/boilers.
  • Green waste – including lawnmowers, soil, cuttings, grass and unwanted man sheds!

It’s a simple way to get rid of that hard to shift junk. Just make a list of what’s to go, get a free quote/book online then let the professionals do their thing. You don’t need to do anything else, they will shift the junk – usually on the day you book – with everything done in compliance with waste disposal regulations.

For a simpler life, start your decluttering project and take advantage of the fantastic options available for rubbish removal in London. It’s amazing the difference it can make, freeing up space, reducing costs as well as adopting eco-friendly practices for the sake of our planet.

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