Keeping the House Warm in Winter

It might seem slightly odd to be talking about central heating systems and keeping the house warm in winter, on the back of one of the hottest heat waves on record, but this is the time of year when the smart individual is making sure that everything is in good working order, while they have time to do something about it, if there is a problem. Once that first cold snap arrives and lots of people discover they have a problem, finding a plumber who can visit you quickly is going to be quite a challenge.

Common Problems

Thankfully, many of the reasons why the central heating system isn’t firing up, or providing enough heat are relatively small issues. It could be as simple as that the pilot light has gone out, and all can be rectified in moments. If it seems to be working, but not providing sufficient heat, the two most likely contenders for causing the problem, are likely to be a problem with the thermostat, or your ducts may have become blocked, with dust, fluff and even insects. Modern boilers can last for a very long time, if they are properly maintained and serviced, and this is the best time of year to get things checked, because if you forget, your shivering family will be less than impressed with you.

Replacement Systems

There comes a time when your central heating system has had its day and needs to be replaced, which is actually not all bad news. Buying some of the newer options available in the marketplace, which are incredibly energy efficient can knock huge chunks off of your heating bills permanently. Once considered a luxury only for the super-rich, underfloor heating today, is not only very affordable, it is also extremely efficient and effective. Heat naturally rises, and this form of heating can bring warmth to your house far swifter than the standard radiator system, which relies on convection, a not particularly swift process. Underfloor heating uses water at lower temperatures than the radiator system, which means it uses less power, heats your home faster and saves you money, but also means the floor in the bathroom or kitchen will be comfortable to walk on, rather than freezing. Your local plumbers in Southampton will happily give you more information.

Heat Pumps

The heat pump is an absolutely amazing system that is shown to knock peoples heating bills down by close to 70%. It doesn’t use a boiler or heating system of any kind, instead it extracts ambient warmth from its surroundings and converts it into heat, with which to warm your house and heat your water. It works in a similar way to how your fridge keeps everything cool, except in reverse. The fridge removes the warm air and expels it out the back, which is why the back of a fridge is always pretty warm. A heat pump, which can operate with air, or from the ground, is capable of removing whatever heat there is, even on really cold days, creating warmth.

Added good news is that it may well be able to connect straight into your existing system, and Government grants are available that might be able to help you pay for it.

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