Know About Applications of Wire Mesh

As the name tells us wire mesh is a net of inter-wined metals that act as a barrier. When this inter-wined metallic network is welded with each other at regular intervals then you get a full gap. In this welded network you can create a barrier for windows and doors at your home and workplace. You may get different kinds of meshes according to your needs and their applications. These meshes are created in different varieties for domestic and commercial purpose. These meshes are of many types like PVC welded mesh and galvanized mesh. They vary with each other according to their cost price and uses.

When we talk of PVC welded wire mesh then you will come to know that this mesh is coated or painted with PVC powder to make it safe from corrosion. PVC is a plastic coating that protects all metals from corrosion and rusting. It also gives a metal product with good color shade to make it look attractive. When you ask about galvanized mesh then you will know that these metal wires are coated with a safe coating of zinc metal. This is done through the process of galvanization. Galvanized mesh is available in two varieties. First is electro and the other is hot dipped.

Electro galvanized mesh is created by doing galvanization of zinc with metallic wires. Producers use electrolyte solution of cyanide or chlorine to make it safe from corrosion and rust. This also enables the metallic network or mesh to appear well with a smooth metallic finish. Thus these meshes look well with a shiny as well as bright coating. When we talk of hot-dipped meshes then we come to know that it is galvanized with a solution of hot zinc. Wire mesh is used well to improve the architecture of home and office. Besides this, it is also used to improve the interior design for sun screening windows, ceilings and fences of the outside boundaries of homes and offices.

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