Lawn Care Services Arkansas: How To Care For Your Lawn During Winter

The lawn poses a problem to homeowners during winter thanks to the chilly temperature. It worsens when you reside in an area that receives a great amount of snowfall during winter. These problems can be contained and controlled by professional lawn care services Arkansas who have shown discipline and successful way of dealing these issues.

Firstly you should be aware that all grasses are not the same; grasses differ according to their locations, so you should study the characteristics of the particular grass in your location and how it reacts to the change in the season before deciding on the step to take in maintaining it.

There are some locations where grasses can survive the cold winter season. In the southern part of the country, you may apply the overseeding method to maintain the little dry spots and keep the lawn green and fresh. The northern part of the country is different though because the temperature is way too cold to allow the grasses to survive especially during the winter.

Do not keep a dirty lawn especially when there is winter. This is because the dirt can damage the grass, so make sure there is no dirt of any kind on your lawn before, during and after winter.

Before the cold winter sets in, make sure the grasses in your lawn is leveled down to get rid of tall grasses. This is because tall grasses have a way of eliminating itself without any hope of sprouting out back and hence tall grasses are very quick in harboring and transmitting diseases.

You should control the number of people stepping into the lawn especially during the winter. Since you don’t want traffic on your lawn when it’s green, you should maintain the same routine even during winter when you have dormant grass. Too much trampling causes the grass to wither away, and it will not be quick in sprouting back, or it may never recover at all.

There are dormant grasses that can’t withstand the cold weather but that should not you make lose sight of the weather conditions because these dormant grasses cannot sustain themselves in intensive weather conditions. So when the cold is severe, you should be aware that further actions need to be taken.

If you want to use a weed killer on your lawn, you should make sure that you use it before the cold winter because there will be high possibility that the weed will grow together with your lawn grass if used during the cold winter and solemnly, it is better to prevent them growing together than trying to control them.

Finally, Aeration is also another good method of maintaining your lawn during this tough period. Aeration involves digging up some parts of soil by making handfuls of holes in your lawn so that both air and water will have easy access to the lawn grasses

The winter can be tough for your lawn grass, but if you follow these steps, you can help them survive the extreme weather conditions. If you need help with your lawn, contact professional lawn care services Arkansas immediately.

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