Mold Can Ruin Your Health as Easily as Your Home

According to WebMd, living with mold in your home puts you at risk for many related allergies or illness such as breathing issues, headaches, urinary problems, and even toxic shock syndrome. Those are bad enough and yet that’s just a small sample of the possibilities. Mold is more than merely unsightly or smelly, it can lead to serious health issues and should be eradicated as soon as possible. Arranging for residential mold removal Johnson City TN is highly advisable and one of the best things you can do to safeguard your future health.

“Do It Yourself” Is Not A Good Idea When It Comes to Mold Removal

There’s nothing wrong with DIY projects but when it comes to the removal of potentially dangerous substances such as mold that’s a job best left to those with the experience and equipment to handle it. When it’s time to take care of your mold problem you’ll find there are quite a few companies to choose from, and all will claim to be the best at what they do. Regardless of what an add has to say, this is the time for careful research.

Make sure your choice is licensed, insured, and has the experience needed to do a thorough job. Also, it never hurts to look at customer comments and read what others before you have to say about the company. If comments don’t match the add, you may want to keep looking. This is an important job and you really don’t want less than the best when it comes to something as serious as mold removal and potential health issues.

Because You Can’t See A Problem Doesn’t Mean One Isn’t Creeping Up on You

Often, mold issues in your home or place of work are well on their way to becoming a problem long before you notice the odor. Keep in mind that mold damages more than your health, and the expense of structural repairs can mount up faster than medical bills. Obviously, the sooner you take care of any problems the better off your health and wallet will be.

Too many companies on the same job only leads to confusion so look for a company that handles all phases from a thorough inspection to determine if a problem exists to the end result of all mold being removed and any necessary repairs completed.


Mold problems thrive as much in dry climates as they do humid, rainy areas. All it takes is a slow leak from a pipe concealed within a wall and over time, that little bit of a drip is going to cause major problems. You may be able to inspect crawl spaces or a basement on your own but unless you have access to technology like bore cameras to see inside walls and other tight, inaccessible areas you could walk right past a major problem and never notice it until the mold is bad enough to be seen or smelled.

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