Outdoor Heating Options for 2018

2018 is your year baby! Well, I’ve decided that it’s my year, so it might as well be everyone’s year, right? The last couple of years have been a little lacklustre for me. I haven’t achieved that much as work, nothing has changed much at home, and I just have been… turning the wheels. Not that things are bad – it’s just good to have a little bit of change every now and then!

So one of my deals to myself for 2018 was that I would do more entertaining. I absolutely love hosting dinner parties, BBQs, wine tastings, etc., but I never do it! Why? Who knows. I think when our favourite couple friend moved away to London for work it was a real blow – they were the ones who often came over. Other people have had young babies so don’t have the time, etc. Anyway, so I need to expand our social circle a little more perhaps. But mainly I just want to entertain!

I always like entertaining outdoors, too. We have a great outdoor entertaining area, one that I slaved away designing (with some help) just so it could be absolutely perfect. And it is. It’s huge. We have an outdoor kitchen with a fancy barbeque and a great outdoor entertaining set. It’s just hardly getting any use.

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The outdoor heater that we’ve had sitting on the ground there is a bit long in the tooth, too. It’s just not exactly doing the job that I want it to do. It’s one of those stand up gas ones and I’ve decided to replace it since the nights are starting to get cool and I might want to put on a Saturday night BBQ sometime soon.

Researching my options for outdoor heating was kind of mind blowing this time around. I had no idea there were such awesome and interesting designs available!

First up, you have those long, overhead bar heaters. You’ll know the ones, they are in cafes and restaurants everywhere. You can get these types of heaters in a few different options: electric or gas, portable or fixed. This was what I was originally thinking that we would end up with when I was thinking about replacing our heater. I soon discovered I had so many more options.

There are cast iron fireplaces. Like a stand up, stand alone, open fire with a long chimney. These are pretty cute; however, they don’t look like they’d give off a huge amount of heat. I could be wrong though.

You can get full blown outdoor built in fireplaces. I know! What! These are enclosed within an upright column and look just like the ones that you see inside. As with the inside ones you have the option of fitted gas or wood burning for these ones.

What did I decide to go with for my outdoor heating? Well I’m a sucker for something that looks totally cool so I couldn’t go past an outdoor fire table. If you haven’t heard of an outdoor fire table before then don’t worry – neither had I. The basic premise of this is a table with a built in gas fire in the centre, surrounded by a cool to the touch surface. They look absolutely amazing. I guess it’s the grow up version of sitting around a camp fire.

Anyway, I just couldn’t say no to the outdoor fire table. We kept our stand up heater for extra warmth if need be and I just can’t wait for our friends to come around when it cools down enough and blow their socks off with our table!

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