Should You Seal Your Sandstone?

While it is not set in stone that property owners that have sandstone decor such as countertops or retaining walls seal their sandstone, a sealer will protect the porous surface of the stone. Sandstone is a rock that is beautiful and grows in beauty as it ages. Sandstone is used for some projects including showers and countertops, vertical surfaces, stepping stones, pavers, porches, and flooring. The stone is one that is beautiful and one that is quite sporadic; therefore, it is recommended that you seal your sandstone.

Sealing Your Sandstone

With a sealer, the pores of the sandstone are protected as the sealer fills in the pores. With the sealer protecting the stone, spills are not absorbed but repelled allowing property owners time to clean the spill and avoid stains.

When sealing sandstone, it is necessary to use a specifically designed sealer to maintain the beauty of the stone while providing the protection necessary for the stone. Water-based sealers are the highest quality sealer for the stone and one that is quite protective as they are better in protecting your sandstone from acidic hazards like salt and mineral deposits.

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Even if your sandstone is outdoors, it should be sealed as sealing the sandstone will help to protect it from environmental hazards. As with most things, the quality of the sealer will determine the level of protection and longevity the sealer provides. Sandstone is a stone that is known to last longer than the life of many architectural structures, and a stone that through the year ages with beauty.

Managing Sandstone

When cleaning sandstone, it is necessary to clean the stone with neutral cleaners; not ones that are abrasive or acidic. Whether the sandstone was from a supplier that you went to for a DIY project or had the sandstone professionally installed it is necessary to follow the recommendations and guidelines provided by the supplier or construction manage when it comes to the cleaning and care of the stone. There are different types of sandstone with unique characteristics and features, and it is important that the sandstone is sealed, and the proper guidelines and recommendations are used to clean the product.

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