Spring Cleaning Tips: How to Clean a Double-Hung Window

A standard double-hung window is one which allows a homeowner to open both their bottom and top parts. Its sashes slide vertically hence offering adequate air circulation in houses with high ceilings. New double-hung window models contain latches which you release to clean the window panes’ exterior and inside sides while in your home. Cleaning the windows during warm weather is crucial. Here are tips on how to clean a double-hung window.

Essential Materials

You need these items to clean your windows efficiently;
•    A dry lint-free cloth
•    Several non-abrasive rags
•    Squeegee
•    Liquid cleanser
•    A detergent solution
•    Light oil or dry silicone spray

How to Open a Double-Hung Window

Opening the windows might seem challenging. At first, locate the mechanism at the window’s center. Release its lock function by turning the mechanism anticlockwise. Move your lower window by about three inches towards the top part. Also, firmly hold the two latches and gently squeeze them to release the mechanism.

Use the upper part to guide your lower window and slowly move it horizontally. After placing the window sash far from the frame, adjust the window’s tilt latches to release them. Besides, it avoids damaging the paint. Move the top sash downwards by two inches before you squeeze the tilt latches. Draw the sash towards you and position the lower one beneath it to support it when cleaning.

The Double-Hung Window Cleaning Process

Before you clean the window, remove all its interior grilles by lifting them without detaching their clips. Place them far from the frame’s edge. Once you open the windows, work on the top sash with a cleanser. A squeegee can also help you to access the window’s top section. Mix some water with the solvent and apply the solution to your pane. Thoroughly clean all dirt and debris with a dry and soft cloth.

Wipe the glass with soapy water and use the squeegee to clean the cleanser’s glass. Place a chair underneath the window with its back facing the window. It will firmly support the window panes as you wash them. Also, it aids in preventing you from damaging the window finish.

How to Properly Position the Sashes

Once you’ve cleaned your double-hung window, it’s critical to position the upper and lower sashes correctly. Move the top sash into a vertical position and move it slightly downwards before sliding it to its frame. Also, push the lower sash until it clicks at an appropriate vertical angle. You can then guide it back to reach its normal position.

After returning the two sashes into their ideal position, you need to replace the interior grills. Align the grille with the glass and horizontally slide it into its clips. Also, ensure that there isn’t a loose fit to avoid any damage.

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