Things to know about Storage Rack Service in Singapore

The storage rack Singapore offers useful storing for cargo pallets. Thanks to these storage facilities, handling is facilitated and optimized. You will find the elements to help you define the storage rack adapted to your project and your activity.

Heavy shelving Storage rack: some sizes

This storage rack supports loads up to 20 tons per level. The standard dimensions of shelves:

Height:  up to 10 m with an average height of 5.50 m

Depth: 1.10 m

Width of the rails: 2, 70 m

Available height between the rails: pallet height + 0.20 m

Mid-heavy shelving Storage rack: some sizes

Charges of: 300 kilos to 1 ton per level

The standard dimensions of shelves:

Average height: 3 m;

Average depth: 0.60 m

Light shelving (shelves)

Max load: 300 kilos per level

The standard dimensions of shelves:

Max height:  2 m

Depth: 0.4m to 0.6m

A shelf represents a volume of 1 to 2m3

Why equip yourself?

Storage rack is the storage space for pallet storage. They allow once installed, a perfect optimization of the space and a considerable space saving on the ground.In addition to surface benefits, they facilitate the management and handling of the company’s inventory.Indeed, located on the shelves, the pallets are very accessible, easily identifiable and easily transportable.

Technical choices of a storage rack

There is no significant difference in terms of aesthetics between the different metal racks that can be found on the market. The only decorative aspect to dissociate certain installations is color. It varies according to the supplier. Some can be painted and others will be galvanized (for outdoor storage).

The choice of metal shelving must be done taking into account mainly the security aspect of the device so that they adapt perfectly to the stored elements (load support).

Distinguish them according to technical characteristics:

Standard storage rack: Each rack element allows the storage of 9 to 12 pallets in format (1.20 mx 0.80 m).

Dynamic storage rack: equipped with sloped rails allowing pallets to slide from a high point to a low point.

Sheet metal rack:  they are studied for the storage, vertically or horizontally, of plates of sheets. They are generally of dimensions: 2.50 mx 1.10 m.

The racks can be equipped with decks. It is a floor positioned on 2 amounts of racks (the smooth). They secure shopping operations by ensuring better positioning of pallets of all sizes. They can be wood or metal.

From a volumetric point of view, there are modular storage units of different dimensions: it is possible to choose and change the location of decks or rails as it sees fit, according to the volume of the elements stored, while respecting the recommendations of the manufacturer.

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