Tips for Spring Cleaning and Decluttering

Learn how to successfully clean out the clutter in time for spring or when you are moving to a new location.

Each spring, the warmer weather prompts many people to straighten up and clear out the clutter accumulated over the long cold stretch. Whether you are ready for spring cleaning or just want to clear out some clutter, there are a few things to keep in mind to help you sort through your things efficiently.

Set up Clutter Stations

You will need a method for cleaning up and clearing out your clutter. It is a good idea to create stations in a clear area to sort through the clutter. There can be a donate or sell pile for those things that you don’t want or need any longer but are in decent condition and can be reused. These things can be sold on Ebay, Craigslist or in a yard sale, or given away through Goodwill, Freecycle or Purple Heart.

You will also need a put away or keep station. This is for things that need to find a home in your house but you’re not sure where yet. Finally, you need a trash pile. This is for anything that needs to leave your house but is not worth giving away or selling.

Find the Time to Start Decluttering

Once you have your plan, you need to tackle the job ahead of you. Often, starting is the hardest part. While you are going through your closets and clearing out the piles, Fly Lady gives us some tips for decluttering that will help you be successful. First, she tells you to start in one part of the room and work clockwise, not skipping any section. This will help you deal with those spots that you want to gloss over again and again.

Flylady challenges you to ask yourself some questions while you work: Do you love it? Have you used it? Is it trash? Do you have another? Does it hold sentimental meaning? Does it make you feel guilty or sad?

Once you have cleared one room, empty your stations: Donate or sell the stuff in the donate/sell station, put away those things that need to be put away and throw away the rest. If there are things that you cannot decide about, put them all in a box with the date. Put the box in the garage or attic, somewhere out of the way. If in a year you haven’t used the items, throw the box away without opening it.

Selling some of the things that are cluttering up your house is a great way to not only clean up some, but make some extra money at the same time. Celebrate your newly cleaned home by throwing a welcome spring party!

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