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Every gardener or gardener sooner or later involuntarily encounters the task of recycling a variety of garbage that accumulates on the plot during the season. What to do with country garbage, where to store and how best to dispose of it – questions that are not accepted, but we will discuss them in this article.

Garbage collection at the dacha

Waste disposal of everyday life activities, as well as construction debrisis a real problem for many owners of household plots. Each of us solves it in different ways. But one thing is really to decide, and quite another – to throw garbage into the nearest ditch, forest or ravine, turning everything around into a real rubbish bin filled with plastic bags, glands, glass jars and other wastes. The use of efficient disposal company Singapore is important now.

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Dump garbage dump

About how much damage is caused to this nature, people do not even think about – yet! After a while such ravines and forests turn into spontaneous garbage dumps, emitting a huge amount of harmful substances, which cause irreparable harm to our already imperfect ecology.

Garbage removal

In order to order such a service, it is enough to open a newspaper or just go online. Having concluded the contract, you can with a clear conscience forget about the existence of the problem of garbage in the country. But if for some reason (expensive, unprofitable and so on), it is impossible to organize garbage collection, we will have to look for other methods – civilized and practical. About them and talk in more detail.

In fact, the problem of recycling garbage is much wider than we think about it. The question is not only how to dispose of this or that rubbish, but also in where, and, in fact, how to save it correctly? And anyway, is all garbage really that?

Make Compost

From the part of waste – branches, remains of food, fallen leaves, mowed grass, weeds, eggshells and other decomposing organic raw materials, as well as paper and cardboard – you can make compost. This is perhaps the best way to utilize food and plant waste.

In this way, you will not only get rid of a good deal of garbage, but also get excellent ready-made fertilizers. To compost, you need to build a special compost box. On how to do this, on the site has already been explained in detail in the article Compartment box with your own hands.

Compost box

And in order not to breed flies near the box, we cover the future compost with a dense layer of mown grass or weeds. You can make a compost box and with a lid. Thanks to this method of waste disposal, the remaining garbage will take much less space, and it will be easier to store it.

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