Turn Your Basement into a Deluxe Gym

Gym fees are going up and the spaces are becoming overcrowded around most of the country. In conditions like those who wants to head to the gym after a day at the office and sit around waiting to get a workout in? While many people still make the journey to their local gym, others are adding a workout space right into their home environment. You might not think that you have the space to add in all the workout equipment that you need, but you might have all the space that you need right under your feet in your basement.

Basements are Perfect for Workout Rooms

Basements make ideal workout spaces for a few different reasons. The first is because they are more isolated and relaxing than the main section of your home. You can likely head down to the basement to get a good workout in before retiring back to the chaos of your typical household. Not only that, but all your workout equipment can be hidden away down in the basement where all your guests aren’t going to see it. That’s a major benefit if you want to keep your home as neat and orderly as possible.

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Choosing the Perfect Gym Flooring

In a basement gym the best flooring option is undoubtedly the thick rubber tile flooring. Not only is it comfortable to squat down on, to do crunches on and to drop weights down onto, but it’s more water resistant as well. Rubber tiles hold up well to the slightly damp conditions of most finished basements, which is another reason that they just make sense to use. Talk with contractors about the best rubber flooring for use in your home gym, and you’ll have some ideas of what to use before you know it.

Go with Sturdy Walls

When planning out a gym in your basement it’s important to add in good sturdy walls to the space. Make sure that contractors create interior walls that include narrowly spaced studs, or a tough wall-board product that’s designed to support weight. This makes it easier to hang racks, pull up bars and other gym accessories that you might want in your space.

Enjoy Your New Gym

Once the flooring is in, and your space is finished up with quality walls, you can get all your gym equipment and install it into your new home gym. The space will help you get a good solid workout in within your home. You’ll save time by cutting out the gym commute, and you’ll save money off of gym fees over time. Not to mention that you can let friends and family workout in your space as well if you want to. A home gym is a true luxury, and it’s one of the best ways you can transform your basement space.

To create the best gym space rely on magazines, designs and expert advice to help you draw up the perfect layout. It takes time to build a quality gym, but once you have one you can stay in shape all the time and forget all about gym memberships.

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