Waterproofing the Bathroom: The Essential Support Now

Today we will go to the bathroom! Rather, in the room, which is just about to become a bathroom? It is at the initial stage of its construction that it’s time to think about waterproofing so that excessive moisture does not destroy the walls and floor.

It is necessary to erect an effective hydro-barrier in the areas of greatest risk – these are places where water can get to the surface. Taking the waterproofing contractor singapore is quite helpful in this matter now.

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  • On the walls of the bathroom, around the sink, the floor beside the bathroom.
  • The basic requirement for the floor in the bathroom – the floor should be perfectly flat or with a slope towards the ladder, a special drain for excess water.

Floor in the bathroom

Stages of waterproofing

  • Level the floor. The error should not be more than 2mm if we make a slope, then only towards the ladder – a special drain of excess water.
  • The base (concrete surface) must be cleaned of debris and dust to improve the coupling of materials.
  • We ground, but carefully select the primer composition. It depends on the quality of the surface: how well it absorbs moisture. If the surface is porous, then it is not necessary to primer it before applying with cement-polymer waterproofing. It is enough just to moisten with water.
  • After applying a special primer, you can start applying the mastic to the surface. Mastic is in ready form, or in the form of powder, which must be mixed according to the instructions.
  • On the seams (at the junctions of the floor and walls) a special sealing tape is placed. Particular attention should be paid to the corners to prevent the moisture from getting inside. Again, the surface is covered with a layer of mastic.
  • The walls of the room are also treated with a primer that forms a protective film. She will not let moisture get to the brick and concrete.
  • Choosing a primer, give preference to color options – so it’s easier for you to track places that were accidentally missed.
  • Do not overdo it! Waterproofing should not be total, so as not to provoke a greenhouse effect! There must be surfaces to ensure that the room can “breathe”.

Now that the right options are there, the waterproofing is not a very hard deal for you. You can call for the right services and come up with the best options now. Surely you will be content with the results now.

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