What to Look for in a Real Estate Agent

When you need to sell or buy your home, it pays to work with an experienced real estate agent. However, not all real estate agents are carved from the same stone. Hiring the right one can make a huge difference.

In this post, we have rounded up seven traits of a great real estate agent. They are qualities that set top-notch realtors apart from fly-by-nights.

#1. A Great Communicator

For the biggest part, real estate business is a people-facing trade. You have to meet potential buyers, negotiate with sellers, and partner with a slew of other professionals, including contractors, remodelers, inspectors, and so on. If anything, property market is time-sensitive, and you want a real estate agent who can quickly and effectively communicate your situation.

#2. Experienced

When it comes to real estate sector, nothing comes before experience. You need to hire an agent who knows the neighbourhoods, the typical Guelph buyer, the school districts, local agency paperwork, legal system, and so forth. An experienced agent has insider knowledge, stuff that you cannot find on conventional directories, and listings.

#3. A Keen Listener

Perhaps you’ve heard that a real estate agent who talks too much is a big no-no. While that might not be entirely true, it is best to work with someone who has excellent listening skills. This is an agent who can take the time to understand your individual needs and requests.

#4. Attention to Detail and Organization

A real estate agent who loves to work with attention to detail and is organized is poised to find you a perfect home or sell your house of big bucks. This is particularly important in slow or hard-to-sell markets in Guelph. Some with great attention to detail will leverage creativity when making their MLS listing.

#5. Has Wide Connection

A real estate agent with a long list of prospective buyers, loan partners, contractors, and home stagers will easily sell your home. The same goes for a buyer’s agent with a network.

#6. Honesty

You want a realtor who tells you like it is, even if things aren’t going well. This way, you can have a realistic expectations when it comes to timing, sales price, buying price, etc.

#7. Proactive

Here’s a trait of an excellent real estate agent. He or she should be proactively courting potential buyers, engaging existing clients, and continually seeking new leads. A proactive real estate agent has your best interests at heart.

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