What to look out for when choosing a cedar fence for your yard

There are many things and various options to be considered by homeowners when it comes to building a fence. You have to ensure the type of fence you chooseagrees with the needs of your home. You need to know if your goal of building a fence is simply to keep your kids and pets contained, you want to ensure more privacy around the home, or you just want to improve the value of the property by giving it a better look.

You will also have to put the maintenance cost into consideration. Get information about the restrictions in the neighborhood and make sure to hire the right contractor to do the installation for you. Woodspec is a great place to look for that. You will need to consider all these factors before making an investment.

#1: Pick the best fence for your yard

There could be a variety of reason homeowners install fences. It could be for privacy, safety of pets and children, or to improve the visual appeal of the property. For whichever reason it might be done, fences are one of the key landscaping features been used to increase the values of a property.

So, ask yourself why you need a fence and let your answer guide you when making the decision. Try to prioritize your needs over your wants, and not otherwise. If you need privacy, go for wooden fences; they tend to work best. For a classy look to your yard, choose aluminum fences.

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#2: consider fence maintenance

You will also need to ask yourself how much time you want to spend maintaining your fence. Because of the fence staining and painting required every couple of years, wooden fencing attracts the most maintenance. However, wooden fences can boost the value of your property and make it more appealing.

Aluminum fences on the other hand, requires little ongoing upkeep which is why many homeowners prefer to go for that option. However, wood fences are more easily repaired compared to metal. The bottom line is if you choose to build a wood fence, it will be easier for you to replace and repair than other options.

#3: check with your HOA

Sometimes, your own say in the type of fence you build can be very limited if your neighborhood is being governed by a home owner’s association. Ensure the fence you have in mind to build meets their standards for height and materials or you risk being fined.

#4: Pick the Right Fence Contractor

Even though it is possible to fence your yard on your own, it is always better to consider hiring a professional because of some specialized tools at their disposal which you may not have access to. However, make sure you conduct a background check on any company you want to hire before making a commitment.

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