When and why to Cut a tree? Know Now

To cut down a tree, it always hurts the heart. When in doubt, ask the right questions: Is slaughter inevitable? When should you proceed? Below are some reasons to shoot down a tree.

The tree is misplaced

Too often trees are planted in the wrong place because we do not think about their adult size. Difficult to imagine at the time of planting that a small shoot may one day exceed twenty, thirty or even forty meters high and a span of several tens of meters also. So if the shoot in question was planted between two houses, near a building or a terrace, the situation can become complicated. The tree can be the source of an unwanted shadow zone; its roots can jeopardize foundations, raise masonry elements or macadam.

The tree poses security problems

Security issues may also be related to the poor location of a tree that has been planted too close to a home or public infrastructure. Slaughter can then be demanded by a neighbor or a municipality. It can also be a tree that was not a problem until then and that was damaged or partially uprooted during a gale or storm. The threat of fall then imposes to take the lead and shoot down the tree. For that the use of a tree cutting service is essential.

For health reasons

The tree is affected by a disease, a fungus or a parasite and no means of control will save it. It represents a danger in the medium term because it will be more and more fragile and may fall out of control. Above all, it can transmit the disease or parasite to the surrounding trees. For the health of other trees, it is better to cut down the affected tree as soon as possible.

To preserve other trees

In a garden or a park where several trees meet, it often happens that a tree is much more vigorous than the others. Without intervention, he will take the advantage and develop faster than his congeners until gradually depriving them of light, water and vital elements of the soil. If you wish to prevent this evolution, only one solution: to defeat the conqueror.

The right moment to cut down a tree

This is an operation to be performed during the winter. Deciduous trees should be felled on a windless day in late autumn or winter because of the lack of leaves: ensures better visibility, facilitates delimbing and decreases the hold of the tree in the wind. In addition, the wood contains less water in this period and is therefore lighter. Once on the ground and debited, it will be easier to handle. The drying time will also be less important. For softwoods and all evergreen trees, felling can be carried out at any time of the year.  

It is important to observe the trees in your garden to better anticipate. Identify those who might be problematic one day to shoot them as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the larger the tree in question, the more complicated, technical, expensive and dangerous the felling will be.

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