Why Laminate Flooring Is Great for People with Pets

Your pets aren’t just animals, they’re a part of your family. So of course you want to let them into your house (although you might hesitate to allow it). It’s only natural to worry about your laminate flooring installations as you hear the clickity-clack of paws and claws, but you don’t need to stress because laminate flooring is:

Easy to clean

Your dogs most likely sleep outside, or at least spend a lot of their time there. They pick up sand, mud and all manner of dirt, and then they bring this into your home. So it’s convenient that laminate flooring installations offer easy cleaning.

All you need to do most days is give the floor a good sweep. And if there’s some stubborn dirt that’s decided to stick around, a quick wipe with a damp cloth or mop is more than enough to get your floor looking spotless and good as new, despite your four-legged friends.

More affordable to replace

Now you might ask, “Why would I want to replace my floor in the first place?” Just imagine that your furry friend refuses to go outside on a rainy day, so they end up messing on your floor instead of the grass. If you have carpets, they’ll almost certainly be ruined. Even hardwood floors are prone to being ruined by water damage, stains and lingering odours.

Accidents happen, and this is just one of many possible scenarios. So laminate flooring is great, because it gives you the option of having a floor that mimics the look of a hardwood floor at a fraction of the cost. And should a piece be damaged you can call for some laminate flooring installation services to replace the damaged area. Again, at a greatly reduced cost compared to other materials.

Offers greater scratch resistance

As mentioned above, pets have nails and claws that are meant to dig in and provide traction. Hardwood doesn’t hold up well against this kind of scratching, but laminate flooring is designed to be scratch resistant. Also, even if it does get scratched, the scratches won’t show prominently, meaning you get to enjoy your floors for far longer without worrying!

All you need to do is enlist the services of laminate flooring installation specialists and enjoy your floors together with your pets for years to come.

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